Two Siters, Two Views

Here’s how the two sisters behind Here Comes the Card see the world.

Photographs taken by Kathleen Kendrick are on the left; photographs by Maura Kendrick Allen on the right.


Beginnings Beginnings

At Work

At Work At Work

Take A Break

Take A Break Take A Break

What do you think?

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Apologies to my sister for the images that are mine that are bigger.

Maura Allen


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assignment : curvaceous

Golden Glow / Maura AllenNight Lilly / Kathleen Kendrick

My sister Kathy and I travel a ton–usually together. A lot of people are amazed–apparently, not many like to travel with their siblings. Our trips are photo treks. I can measure how much I loved a place by the shots–the more, the better. Even if I’ve been there before (or live there now), a good day equals lots of great shots. Now that we both shoot digital, we have instant feedback. And instant gratification. Like in Rome, we started out on a 30-minute trek and ended six hours and 1,000 shots later.


When we’re photo trekking, our focus is on how we see the same thing differently. How two sisters, close in age and in life, can view the exact same building with a completely different artistic eye. Or how when we’ve set a “trek” for the day–like flow, or love, or pride–we come back with totally different views. All shot in the same piazza or park, just a holler away from each other. Try it with a friend. Or a spouse. Or a sister. At home or on the road. See what comes of it.


For assignment : curvaceous, Kathy found her inspiration in the nighttime garden, while I trekked inside for some golden glow. Both shots can be sent as e-cards from


Maura Kendrick Allen

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